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We have however seen more mature trees, having lost lower branches naturally start to produce new growth from lower down the trunk and this could be the case with your tree.

For further information below is the Wiki link to the form of Phytophthora that Wollemi Pines suffer with: Alternatively the Wollemi Pine is known to coppice so if you think the top of the tree is dead or dying but the roots are OK, the best thing to do is remove the top of the tree either 3 inches above soil level or above the healthiest looking branch using sterile secateurs or a pruning saw.Thailand is a magnet for travellers, with great food, a tropical climate, fascinating culture and great beaches.Asia also contains North Korea, suffering under one of, if not the most, oppressive regimes in the world and, therefore, very safe for travellers.Incorporate some slow release fertiliser into the compost along with the sachet of Root Grow that is supplied with the tree.Westland’s Feed All Slow Release is a suitable fertiliser (please follow the incorporation rates on the fertiliser packaging) Put a layer of crocs (pieces of broken clay pots) into the bottom of the container so that the drainage holes do not block.

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