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In the late 20th century a similar thing happened with a number of products on the market, among them children's toys.

When Lego first came out, your options were basically a Lego set or a slightly different Lego set; even when I was very young in the 1980s the spaceman was about as complex as it got.

Its strategy was to erect monuments honoring the heroism of Confederate figures in any city that would take them.In Britain, where the old Victorian school buildings still carry the words "boys" and "girls" once indicating separate entrances lest the children be tempted to indulge in beastliness, the Conservative government has just announced that any citizen may identify as whatever gender they choose. S., which has of late spread to the military and where increasingly any all male-gathering in politics — especially of the pinkish variety — is liable to be dismissed as illegitimate by definition.And yet politics has become sex-segregated as never before, which partly explains its growing extremism.Then in the 13th century something came along that changed everything — the button.Men and women began to dress in a way that emphasized masculine and feminine physical characteristics, and it was a still recent enough change at the time of the Black Death in 1348 that many observers blamed the disease on these new tight-fitting outfits.

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