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Deleting the Data Row You can delete a Data Row from the Data Row Collection by calling the Remove method of the Data Row Collection, or by calling the Delete method of the Data Row object.

The Remove method removes the row from the collection.

Constraints help maintain data integrity by limiting the data that can be placed in the column.

The following example adds Data Column objects to an order Data Table object.

In contrast, Delete marks the Data Row for removal.

The actual removal occurs when you call Accept Changes method.

However, in some situations, you can use the Reject Changes method to roll back to a previous state when the deleted row was still there.For creating a Data Table you first create an instance of the Data Table class, and then add Data Column objects that define the type of data to be held and insert Data Row objects that contain the data.The following code demonstrates the creation of a data table://Create the Data Table named "Order"Data Table order = new Data Table ("Order"); Using this code you are creating an empty data table for which the Table Name property is set to Order.I put together this simple script to divide a data table into training, test and validation subsets, by creating row state columns.I then have one line of code at the end meant to copy the row states from the 'Training set' row state column.

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