Dating an east coast guy

Some car that you only see out here in the Made for TV and fashion shoot land that was badass in 1965 has now be restored, to make it even more badass when you and your girl are cruising down the PCH. By the way, I almost got ran over the other day near LACMA as a guy was headed to work on his skateboard. The stuff you read about and see in the movies and couldn’t possibly even dream up as an East Coaster really does happen here.The things that I saw my first year in LA shocked me beyond anything I could ever write here.

This was Diane's last-ditch effort to meet a man in San Francisco.

It is not a work til you die kind of atmosphere out here. I have traveled all over the world and there are only few places that compare to the grandeur of California. If you don’t know the real LA and visit all the tourist traps when you come here, you will hate it.

You can go for a surf in the morning, and then hit the slopes in the afternoon.

Everyone or pretty much everyone drives a nice NEW car – pimped out, convertible, shiny, the kind you can eat off of, or a Prius. No one actually grows up here, and that is why I find this lifestyle addicting. It is like living in an adult playground with too many options.

However, most people I know also own a second UBER cool vintage car, ya know, just to drive to Malibu or take a Sunday drive. You can get sucked in, and never want to come out of this altered state of reality.

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