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Cape Town - Streaming services are taking over the world, and are fast becoming the preferred method for watching the latest (and most well-loved) television series. If the close proximity to is not your cup of tea, there’s also a variety of international series that are available only on Showmax in South Africa.

Here are the eight highly acclaimed series you will only find on Showmax in South Africa:1.

They have been deducting for the policy and they are still deducting even though my car was written off and they rejected the claim I got dismissed on 07Sep2017 and I was told that all my monies would be paid into my bank account after -12 ,on the 11th week I sent an Email to Edcon's Hr to inquire how far are they with the process instead I was told that there's a withdrawal form I needed to fill and send through and that I'd have to wait for another 12 weeks!!Somewhere around Pietermaritzburg there was a loud bang towards the back of the bus and the passengers called out to the driver claiming that they had seen sparks of fire. The driver came and pacified the concerned passengers telling them it was "just" the... I baugth a cell phone on the 10 of Dec 2017 and brauth it back today on the 7 day now the manager said its not 7 days and there are a price difrence now on stock i need to pay in or take my money back what the hell off service are this as this shop floors are so dirty and staff unprofesionale i need a new phone as i paid for it cash The manger are not even intrest to assist we as customers they leave u unattend and just walk away i will def take this further if nothing are done about this my...The treatment I got from Vodacom springs mall was very bad especially the tech zone technician (white guy) on the 27th of November 2017 I got a contract phone for a Samsung S8 plus and when I charge it ,was hitting up and the battery doesn't last it took ONLY a day then I have to charge it again and I took it to the tech zone guy,he just told me that it's the apps running on the background 3 days after and now tells me they won't take back the phone only they can book it to be repaired and...He told me that the bearings has ceased and I need another spider (which is holding the drum).I still told him that at least it is still working for now.

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