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With an online dating site, I can leave a message — sure its all originally based on a photo and a word description, but that is what the first meeting and dates are for — to get to KNOW someone. I suggest something I live in Small Town Indiana — but I am willing to drive an hour one way to a datinf city so we can meet in a place with choices they say let me get back to you…and I can never get that concrete time and place set up.I feel I have a lot to offer someone: The girls on POF on average just seem to be less educated, less literate, more slutty, with far more cleavage shots and photos of them in their underwear.

After finalizing my divorce in I set up several free profiles on the major dating sites of the day. In an active week, I may message at most I was thinking about trying Match. But to get wrapped around the axle over one person? Then the guys that I did like would email me and say that im too beautiful to be on a dating site and bash me about how I should have no trouble finding a guy.They would just tell me I was gorgeous and say they have no chance with me even though Id respond and show interest.These were usually the artsy and musically talented guys. Veronica, I get that too people visiting your profile 20 times a day but not corresponding.They approach, look into my eyes and say nope not feeling it. After reading this I guess I feel a little better about how I did after 1 year on OKcupid…LMAO They say they will know when they meet the right one. Went on 6 dates with 6 different girls 3 really fat, 3 good-looking and then spent 2 weekends with sife 7th girl who was somehow way hotter than the others. Say they have a great time and then drop off the face of the earth eventually no matter if I message them or not. And if it can give other guys hope: However I live in a big city 1 million people.

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