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If you ever get the chance to go to China, buckle your seatbelt.

For most westerners, it’s an intense culture shock.

Once I officially arrived in Mainland China, I quickly found out that I had much to learn…

The app was not a communication app, it was a lifestyle.

They don’t want to build one great feature, they want to embody everything you need.

Everywhere you went, people were asking me for my We Chat QR code so they could add me to their contact list, local shoppers were making purchases through We Chat in one swift movement, printed out QR codes were posted all over walls, taxi cabs handed you their laminated QR code for payment, and friends of mine were having calls on-demand with colleagues all around the world in one click.

Looking around, you would think that the future had finally arrived. Well, it started as communication platform very similar to Whats App, Messenger or i Message.

Sure, you’re not calling an actual number, but what’s the difference.

While in China, I was able to get friends and colleagues on the line in seconds.

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