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CBP officers took decisive action to protect a potential victim from a convicted criminal." Newshub.

The nine tracks run the gamut of accessibility by mixing the literary intelligence of Protomartyr or The Weakerthans with the hooks of The Pixies.

“As you can see, HIV prevalence is really high in sex workers and that is really a cause of concern.

While the national prevalence is going down, we have a really huge challenge that we can’t afford to ignore.

“I’m glad that we have finally met you our Members of Parliament.“Our challenge is that we can’t even report our issues to the police because we are sex workers,” she said.Erina’s colleagues from Ngundu and Beitbridge shared similar stories.According to the United Nations AIDS programme (UNAIDS), sex workers, men who have sex with men (MSM), injecting drugs users, truckers have the highest risk of contracting and transmitting HIV.While these groups are key in the management of HIV and AIDS, they have the least access to prevention, care and treatment services because their behaviours are often stigmatised and even criminalised.

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