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Each candidate is assessed by this and no one can escape from this, as it maps clearly about our personality, whether we are eligible for defense services or not. All the candidates have to sit in order in the auditorium based on their chest numbers.And we were instructed by the psychologists about the tests and rules to be followed by the candidate in the tests.Hi friends, i would like to share my experience, i did two attempts with the selection, one is for UES -university entry scheme at Allahabad and another one for C. I downloaded the common application form from the army website and distributed to my friends then explained them about the procedure to apply for this.

After this there will be a gd, in which all have to talk something about the picture. We have to talk about our narration(own story) and come to a common conclusion, we all came to some conclusion. two persons were speaking about the preservation of tiger and bla bla..

It was my final year when i waited eagerly for the advertisement of UES.

For UES entry , we have to get sign from our college principal, i.e.

The assessments conducted were thematic appreciation -TAT, word association -WAT, situation reaction -SRT, self description-SD.

I had only little knowledge about these assesment during that time as it was my first time, so i did some what well.

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