Safety risks of online dating

Here are ways you may be putting your safety at risk when you’re dating.

Always look up the venue of your date before going. Sometimes, you’ll learn it’s a really cute date spot.

People often only think about drinks being drugged but food can be drugged, too, especially mashed or pureed food.

Don’t walk away from the table until you’re done eating.

You’ve probably heard it before, but don’t drink too much on a date. You may not be as aware of your surroundings like if someone puts something in your drink, takes something out of your wallet or follows you. Pick a place where you regularly run into friends, or at least where the staff knows you.

It’s best to go somewhere where people are familiar with you, and can recognize when you look uncomfortable or need help.

But you don’t know how quiet the trail might be on your hike or how abandoned the beach might be on your walk.

Familiarize yourself with the layout of the place, including the exits. I don’t only mean your address, but also your neighborhood.

Don’t use photos from your social media profiles on your dating profiles. All someone has to do is drag that photo into the Google Image search bar and they’ll find plenty of information about you. If someone knows the neighborhood you live in, they can easily find you.

Don’t you want to know if anything noticeably bad comes up about your date?

These free workplace safety tips are a simple, easy, and extremely effective way to keep yourself and other staff members safe during the course of the day.

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