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Wine buffs make a great thing of this, but it is not only grapes that need a particular type of soil or manure or site.

The flavour of a gage is also linked to the size of the crop. I've never had that problem: a crop of only seven is a cause for rejoicing.

In choosing pollinators, you have to go for trees that blossom at the same time.

Having lost one of my pollinators, 'Coe's Golden Drop', which died very suddenly on the hoof, I'm thinking now of planting 'Early Transparent Gage' instead.

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The ideal plum tree would have side shoots or laterals bobbing up every four inches along its branches, pointing not forwards or backwards into the wall, but upwards and downwards where they can lie neatly against the wall. You make fruit-bearing spurs by pinching back in summer all the new shoots that you are not training in as part of the main framework. When you have picked the gages, shorten these shoots even more by cutting them back to three leaves only.The shoots are likely then to be about three inches long.Then when you have gathered the fruit, pinch the laterals back again, so that only three leaves are left.If you start with a fan, tie it into a framework of fanned-out bamboo canes, as described above.The pruning is much the same, too, for apricots, like gages, fruit on old wood rather than new.

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