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Adam Sessler was the original host of the program; he previously co-hosted with Lauren Fielder and Kate Botello.X-Play began on the ZDTV network in 1998 as Game Spot TV, where Sessler co-hosted with Fielder for the show's first year, then co-hosted with Botello up through 2002 (the producers of ZDTV originally had plans to air a video-game program when the channel launched called Extended Play that would be hosted by Simon Rex; however, when an agreement was reached with the makers of the newly created Game Spot website, plans for the original show's format were scrapped in favor of a Game Spot-branded program, and Rex was dropped as host).EST (although reruns still air at 8 o'clock) and a number of X-Play staff members were laid off.

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This unseen announcer would begin each episode with an often over-the-top introduction to which the hosts usually responded or commented (these comments varied widely, ranging from total non-sequiturs to Gilbert and Sullivan references to current events, along with viewer-submitted intros taken from the show's web forums).

In the days of Game Spot TV, the show was filmed on a simple ZDTV studio set consisting of faux-brick walls, randomly positioned TV monitors, and functioning Gauntlet Legends and Rival Schools arcade game cabinets.

For the occasional special episode, filming would move off-site to another location, such as the Sony Metreon arcade, and numerous game conventions such as the Classic Gaming Expo and E3.

As a consequence, there were new sets designed for X-Play, and many G4 employees involved in production were laid off. Building's set was smaller than the Santa Monica studio, thus some aspects of the studio had to be shrunk down.

The X-Play logo was retro-fitted to sit above the stage on the right-hand side of the set, with curtains surrounding the entirety of the space to create a sense of intimacy; a large flat-screen monitor was also placed in the background, and several small decorative glass balls were strategically placed around various spots on the floor (Adam and Morgan would often joke of their fear that they would trip over one of these balls and hurt themselves).

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