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One Belfast businessman in his 30s said he realised he’d “got the wrong idea” about the site when a woman asked him to pay for her plastic surgery minutes into their conversation.Simon*, an attractive and single managing director who claimed to have a whopping net worth of £6 million, told me: “I came on here thinking it was for girls looking to date smart successful fellas.“She did say I could play with them but I don’t think that’s worth four grand.” Just when I’d given up hope that a suave sugar daddy could be found, I received a message from John* who asked to meet me at a plush Belfast hotel.Describing himself as “handsome and erotic” with a net worth of £1.25 million, John was a high flying businessman who travels to Northern Ireland from his base in mainland Europe regularly for work.“These things don’t have to affect your relationship if you don’t let them.” When I asked about his wife’s attitude to his cheating he said: “She knows, she just doesn’t ask for details.” While he admitted he’s had several arrangements with Belfast sugar babies in the past, John said: “I’ve found some women use the site because they want to get married to leave wherever they are.There are foreign girls who come across as really desperate, it’s sad but I avoid them.Married and 51-years-old, he fit the profile of a typical sugar daddy.He boasted about his success and business prowess, and was keen to talk up his links to a local sports team.

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Addressing the arrangement before he left, he winked and said: “I won’t insult you by talking numbers, but rest assured if this goes further you’ll be well taken care of financially.” In the end I may have found a sugar daddy, but the whole experience left me with a very bitter taste.

Posing as a hard-up student on the look out for extra money, all I had to do was upload a picture, my vital statistics, and how much cash I was looking for in return for my company. Bring costumes.” In amongst all these was 39-year-old divorced Dave* the Co Down vet - AKA the world’s worst sugar daddy - who listed himself as being worth a cool £1.25 million. “This will work because you’re getting what you want, I’m getting what I want and everyone’s happy.

Within minutes, I had been bombarded with messages and cash offers from around the world which ranged from a man in Newcastle Upon Tyne asking me to “act as his girlfriend” in front of family members, to a charmer in Donegal who wrote: “Hi, can you travel for sex? After a few messages via Seeking Arrangement, I spoke to Dave on the phone and without much polite conversation, he admitted he was a farmer, not a vet and bluntly offered me £150 a week to perform vile sex acts. “If it doesn’t work out there’s no house or kids to worry about - there’s no mess.” Following our chat, Dave sent me up a follow-up message making it very clear what he expected from me: “Are you on the pill and OK with **** that’s what I was getting at,” he wrote.

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