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It's been happening ever since, and surveys and research shows that more than half of all emotional affairs develop even further to the point that they will, in time, have physical relationships.To spot an , you may notice that your spouse is talking to you about their problems less and less, and rarely "vents" anymore.By intimate time, this could mean you do not have those talks you used to have, or you feel that your spouse has no more desire or willingness to be with you physically.There is almost zero emotional support, and your spouse may have stopped complementing you for things you are proud of in your day to day lives.This is why it is very important to find these signs and catch your spouse before they cheat on you.A cheating spouse, when caught having secret emails and chats, will be more than likely to confess and ask forgiveness.Before you start out with anything, I recommend you read these signs of a cheating spouse. Because any lover/spouse who has been in a marriage or serious relationship will be able to catch them cheating simply by watching out for the obvious signs of a cheater.

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In fact, over half of all emotional affairs start out innocently as online friendships.

You can stop your emotional affair, now, before it's too late. Having a friend or a "cube mate" (or work spouse) can sometimes be a lifesaver if you're working long hours in a less-than-perfect environment.

It feels great to have found someone special to talk to, someone who makes you laugh and with whom you can share your day-to-day frustrations, even your hopes and dreams.

But if you find that this person is someone you are also attracted to, even a little bit, you may end up taking things too far.

So, here are a few signs you're having an emotional affair and what to look out for:1.

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