Sms dating messages

For those on pay-per-text plans, those 20-cent charges can add up quickly.You can shop around for deals, but why not pay nothing?To save keystrokes, many of these phones include the "T9" feature, which guesses what word you're typing and finishes it for you.This can be handy, though it takes some getting used to — check your manual.Many phones allow you to attach photos, videos and audio files to messages — although larger files might be blocked by your carrier.

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How you compose your message depends on the kind of phone you're using.

The majority (55 per cent) who ended their relationship via text message explained that it made the process 'less awkward', while 61 per cent of those who dumped on social media said they did so as they had 'deleted or blocked' their last partner's phone number.

When asked if they would be annoyed if they were broken up with digitally, three quarters, 73 per cent, of those taking part said 'yes'.

It takes a little more effort, but it'll save you money.

Here are a few of my favorite cost-slashing messaging options.

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