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Most of her business was to Essex and Suffolk, but she also owned the Exeter coach [1].Samuel Pickwick and his friends start for Ipswich from here ( Cannon Street (Map: D-10) - Street leading from St.The Black Friars were Dominican monks who set up a priory in the area in 1221.

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( Buckingham Palace (Map: F-3) - Built by John Sheffield, 1st duke of Buckingham, in 1703.

The Adelphi (Map: D-6) - Elegant housing complex along the Thames built by the Adam brothers in the 1760s and torn down in the 1930s. David Copperfield lodges in Mrs Crupp's house here ( Astley's Royal Equestrian Amphitheatre (Map: F-7) - Popular outdoor amphitheatre which mixed theatre with circus including equestrian performances.

Robert Astley, who opened the theatre in 1774, is considered a pioneer of the modern circus.

It is referred to in Dickens' works as a well to do area of London. James's Palace; but it is not pretended that it is." ( The Borough (Map: F-10) - Area south of London bridge in Southwark.

It was at the White Hart Inn, in the Borough, that Samuel Pickwick meets Sam Weller and Samuel Pickwick and Wardle catch up with Alfred Jingle and Rachael Wardle after their mad dash to be married ( British Museum (Map: B-5) - The collection was originally housed at Montagu House, Bloomsbury and opened in 1759 although public access was limited.

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